James Dean Diamond,
Trilogy: Part 1, Death In A Place Like This

Exhibition open: 17th April to 14th May 2012

British artist James Dean Diamond creates a compelling photographic series of alternative worlds entitled 'Trilogy'. Part 1, 'Death In A Place like This,' Part 2, 'The Bleak Existence Of A Synthetic' and Part 3, 'Approaching The Void.'

Each part of the 'Trilogy' is framed by a distinct aesthetic and an original soundscape. This journey evolves to suggest in Part 1, our protagonist dies, in Part 2, the character is transformed and resurrected as an artificial being, the Synthetic and in Part 3, the Synthetic contemplates extinguishing his life-force.

Diamond makes large-scale installations to explore notions of escapism, artificial intelligence, memories, displacement and death. The visceral works are an interpretation of an urban environment, transforming the light, surroundings and surfaces to introduce an inspiring visual language.

Seeking to break the boundaries of conventional image based photography, Diamond employs a cinematic method and builds a body of work of imaginative realities. Material is gathered across Europe using both film and digital capture. The seventy-one images of the 'Trilogy' are sequentially ordered to inform each other in a collective narrative or as stand alone pieces. Music is sampled and composed to echo the manifold states of these projects and resonate a prevailing ambiguity and a feeling of disquiet.

Illustrating a confluence of the representational, the abstract and the artificial 'Death in a Place like This' is a concept that has evolved through a meta-emotional state. The notion of death considers the physical act of dying, as a removed state of being. During such a process the brain induces a collation of images to surface from dreams, memories and nightmares. The audience encounters an environment that comprises unknown places, inhabited by ectoplasmic characters, solitary figures, shadows, reflections and textural surfaces.

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