Hiring at 99 Mount Street

99 Mount Street,
London, W1K 2TF
+44(0)20 7629 9355
James Dean Diamond,
Artist Statement

I approach my practice by using photography as a medium for constructing alternative realities, rather than a medium of representation. By pushing the issue of observation, the intention is to transform the urban environment into an abstracted visual language and alter meaning. Employing soundscapes to act as a reflector and transmitter amplifies the narration of the artwork. The photography and sound function collectively as large-scale installations, following a non-linear strategy of story telling.

A series of interlinked projects, these psychological journeys are underpinned by leading scientific concepts and informed by classic/modern/contemporary music, cinema and science fiction literature.

Shooting predominantly 'in-camera' with film and digital formats, my interest lies in the potential for experimentation where the resulting effect has an emotional resonance for the viewer.

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