Antoni Tàpies

Exhibition open: 15th Jan - 20th Feb Tuesday to Saturday 10:30am - 5:30pm

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99 Mount Street Gallery is proud to present 'Works On Paper', a selection of graphic works by the highly esteemed artist Antoni Tàpies.

From paintings to collages, to graphic pieces and engravings, Tàpies has indulged himself in several forms of medium. Utilising the mixed media approach, Tàpies is regarded as the fore front contributor to this process. His unique method of incorporating unconventional non-artistic materials combined with Surrealist and Dadaist influences bestows a most distinctive identity. Visibly evident through the use of textures, form and colour, is the focus on heritage and identity, shaped by the Post-War Movement in Spain and working with fellow Spanish artists. 'Works On Paper' is a representation of the artist's surrealist environment and his reputable established career.

Antoni Tàpies is an internationally recognised figure and from working alongside Spanish poets, writers and artists, is considered as one of the prominent Catalan artists to emerge after the Second World War. Born in Barcelona, 1923, Tàpies' interest in art was encouraged throughout his youth and after suffering from a near fatal bout of tuberculosis, it was during his convalescence that Tàpies began to feed his creative drive. In 1943 Tàpies devoted himself entirely to art following his law studies. Tàpies passed away in early 2012.

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