Robi Walters,
One Love

Exhibition open: 15th - 22nd May 2012
Tuesday to Saturday 10:30am - 5:30pm
Private View: Wed 16th May 2012

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British/Jamaican artist Robi Walters celebrates his roots in this show inspired by Jamaica.

2012 marks a key year for Jamaica: the London Olympics where all eyes will be on the Jamaican athletics team and also the celebration of 50 years of Jamaican Independence. As his own contribution to this celebration Robi has created a one-off artwork in his unique collage style as a tribute to legendary 100m world record holder Usain Bolt and to Jamaica itself.

Also included in the show is one of the 'Banana Boat' series inspired by stories from his grandparents of coming over to England on the HMS. Windrush, as well as several other signature collage and vinyl pieces. Robi works primarily with recycled objects, forging collages from discarded packaging and records from his vinyl collection to create new and vibrant art forms.

Robi is also a founder of Future Radio Africa and London United, supported by Ted Baker, to support youth projects in the capital. In June 2012 Robi will feature in the Daily Telegraph as one of 'The Telegraph's Amazing 15 in association with Lexus'.

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