Pato Bosich,
Transcripts in Monochrome

Exhibition open: 19th - 30th March 2013
Tuesday to Saturday 10:30am - 5:30pm
Private View: Tue 19th Mar 18:30 - 20:30

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99 Mount Street Gallery is pleased to present 'Transcripts in Monochrome' a new body of printmaking works by Chilean artist Patricio (Pato) Bosich.

While commending printmaking process in his essay, writer J.Saramago eloquently puts that fingers possess tiny brains, a discerning perspective on a creative process that exhibits dexterity. The title of the show alludes to the hand's creative power and the printmaking process, which involves a translation of intentions onto paper. This suggests a reaffirmation of the privileged position that technical mastery occupies in the graphics arts and which has enabled Bosich's practice to evolve and transform in exciting and diverse ways.

Bosich's works comprise figurative compositions. Which transform into several black and white worlds of energy, textures, merging images, and ink washes, which contain interior and exterior spaces. The works capture the essence of fleeting moments and draws the spectator in contact with figures engaged in ambiguous situations suggestive of playful passage of time. Traces of these processes and transient imagery of one print appears as a ghost image on the following one. This visual narrative possesses a disquieting aura of a dreamlike situation expounding an uncertainty of the actual images. The proportions and perspective tend to be exaggerated which in turn moulds our perception and interpretation. The subject matter remains enigmatic allowing multiple interpretations and stimulates curiosity in the viewer. The nonlinear visual narrative becomes rather suggestive than being explanatory inviting the viewer to relate their own interpretations. It is, therefore not merely a representation of a scene but the underlying force or sensation that is being expressed. Although the body is central to Bosich's imagery there is something beyond the material element of the flesh; it's more about the presence of a sensual force.

Bosich has produced these works during 2012 at the workshop of a renowned printmaker Joan Barbara in Barcelona, under the attentive gaze and help of the editor Tristan Barbara. Compared to other creative disciplines in which the artist perceives the work throughout, building it with every impulse, a print is barely intuited as an uncertain possibility. It maintains its imaginary quality until the ink is transferred into the paper, thus becoming Transcripts of an evocative yet shapeless world.

Patricio Bosich (b. 1978) lives and works in London. He studied painting at Camberwell College of Art and after graduating in 2004, was artist in residence as The Muse Gallery, London. He was awarded artist resident at the Museum of Modern Art of Chiloe, Chile (2007), and the Fundacio Catalunya America, Barcelona (2008). He has recently produced work for the MSSA museum in Chile. This has led to his successful collaboration with the celebrated printmaking workshop of Joan Barbara in Barcelona and with Tristan Barbara editions with whom he has recently shown at the editions fair at Christies London. He is currently represented by Porter contemporary, New York and Proyecto Jano, Barcelona.

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